1.1 If you  are looking for a supplier of an Amazon product, SuperSDS does not have one  yet.  
 Please  use the "Find Amazon Product Suppliers", we will find the supplier of                  the product for you in 48 hours (get a lower price than Amazon) then give  you a result.  

1.2 Q: Is the found supplier the same brand?

A: a. Many factories in China cooperate with the seller in the form of OEM production. The same product produced by the factory may appear in the market under different brand names.
This is why you often see the same styles on Amazon sold with different brands.

Please refer to the four examples below:




b. All products on SuperSDS are supplied directly by the factory or supplier. We can ensure that it is the same style, but it is not necessarily the same brand as the Amazon seller, maybe it‘s the factory's own brand name, but it may be the same as the Amazon store brand. It all depends on the original authorization of the brand.

c. We recommend that you do not use the brand name of the Amazon store as much as possible in the product title and description or use the brand name only after you have seen the product for the first time.

1.3 About SuperSDS Pricing Rules:

  Standard: 10 Credits /month

  PRO:  20 Credits/ month

  Super: 60 Credits/ month

PS:  2 credits deducted for successful, 1 credit deducted for failure, 1 credit deducted if we find a product very close.

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