Review request emails are your main channel for collecting reviews from your customers - these emails are scheduled and sent automatically to your customers and request them to submit a review of the products they've purchased.

You can manually set the time that email send to the cunstomers. For example, you can set the email sending time to 7 days after the product has been shipped. And after that, you can use review reminder or photo reminder incase that customers didn't upload their reviews/photo.

Photo reminders:

Many times, customers would be happy to review your product, but your first review request email arrived when they were busy or haven't had a chance to use the product yet.

Reminder emails go out 7 days after the first review request email (only for items that weren't reviewed yet), reminding the customer you’re still awaiting their review.

Also, customers may forget to upload their photos along with the review. Photo reminders will automatically send emails to customers and remind them to upload photos. You can set coupon when sending photo reminder to encourage them upload photos, which will make your review more credible.

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