SuperReview enables you to time your review request emails based on the delivery of the products.

With review requests, timing is crucial. Send it too soon and create a frustrating experience for your customers. Wait too long and risk missing out on the initial excitement of using a new product - the stuff spectacular reviews are made of

If your delivery times vary a lot between individual orders, delivery based scheduling will empower you to get the timing just right to capture all that customer happiness.

This can be done by using Shopify's "shipment_status" field on Orders:

If you do not activate the Aftership integration, SuperReview will automatically schedule review requests according to the " shipment_status" field on each order.

You must make sure you are actively tracking your packages through Shopify, you can learn how here

Using Shopify Labels will allow you to track packages from shipping companies like USPS, UPS, DHL Express, Canada Post and Sendle

Other 3rd party Shopify package tracking apps will also update this field and allow you to track the delivery of other shipping companies not mentioned above.

Apps that support this reporting:

We suggest contacting your package tracking app and ask if they update the "shipment_status" field in Shopify.

Warning: If the shipment_status is not tracked, Shopify will not send SuperReview the notification that the package has been delivered and the email will not be sent!

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